Receive notifications in real time on important aspects of your patients.


Ask our support department about your needs or doubts.


Interactúe con otros sistemas de su entorno tanto tomando información como enviando en formatos HL/CDA.

  • Nephrologic history

    Register clearly and ordered all information of your patients. Take on time and safe decisions. Analyze your reality in all possible aspects.

  • Laboratory test

    Comunicate with LIS software and dispose automatically lab tests results. Decrease time on these tasks and forget typing mistakes. Receive in real time alerts to act quickly and effectively.

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    Dializers and machines

    Optimize the use of filters and machines. Learn about performance by make, model, crew and patients.

  • Water system

    Take control about the all critical process. Minimize the probability of infections of occurrence.

  • Access from anywhere

    We assure access to information. Each user has a user ID allowing access according to their role at the center.

  • Multi device

    The Renalic layout is designed to be used from different devices such as: pc, Ipads/tablets, or smartphones.

  • Medical staff scheduling

    Use our tool to manage the schedule of physicians, nurses, etc.

  • Patients comunication

    Through the use of messages, emails and calls we speed up the communication between doctors and patients offering a better treatment tracking system.

  • 24 hour service

    Renalic works from different datacenters thus ensuring availability of the service by 99.9%.

  • Security Standard Procedures

    We use the highest regard to safety procedures in every aspect. These involve control of information, infrastructure and to potential external attacks.

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